The Armada 1588 

The Squadron of Levant

Three ships of the Levant Squadron shipwrecked in the doomed Armada of 1588

           Santa Maria De Vision of 666 tons and 18 guns, flagship of the Ghost Fleet on Display in The Armada Gallery in the Benbulben Craft Village in North Sligo.

 by Philip Brett

 Sculpture: 32"x 48"

 La Julianna of 860 tons & 32 guns, heaviest of the group and by far the most powerful, with copper patina sails and peat fired hull this ghost galleon has sailed through tempests of fire to be wrecked and risen to be displayed at the Armada Gallery.

 by Philip Brett

Sculpture: 30" x 32"

La Lavia of 748 tons and 25 guns with flamed copper sails this peat fired hulk, with copper reduction flashes on the forward hull, is a formidable piece up close.

La Trinidad Valencera 

The 1100 ton Trinidad sank in Kinnagoe bay in the far north of Co. Donegal, one of the largest ships in the entire fleet the Trinidad Valencera was one of the first ships to engage in combat with Howards squadron in the english channel.


Photographs from the studio