Captains Log

Captains Log beginning at the first day of May in the year 2015 Ano Dom

The Launch of The Armada Gallery is well underway ships have been fitted out and are ready to sail.
We have acquired a suitable unit in the Rathcormack Craft Village to transform into a Gallery to house the Armada. Situated north of Sligo in the heart of Yeats Country on the Wild Atlantic Way the Armada Gallery is like stepping onto the deck of a shipwrecked spanish Galleon with incredible works of Art depicting the ships of the Armada that crash landed on the Irish coast in 1588.

The ghost fleet muster so far is:

The Squadron of Levant 

Santa Maria De Vision of 666 tons & 18 guns

La Juliana of 860 tons & 32 guns

La Lavia of 728 tons & 25 guns

2 hulls remain to be fitted out

La Rata of 820 tons & 35 guns {grounded and set alight, late September 1588 in Blacksod Bay, Co. Mayo, Ireland}

La Trinidad Valencera of 1,100 tons & 42 Guns {wrecked, 16th Sept 1588 at Glenagivney Kinnagoe Bay Inishowen, Co. Donegal, Ireland.}

Friday March 28th 2014 : As of this week the first three ships of the fleet have been sold to collectors and private buyers through the Gallery Zozimus
A fantastic start to our campaign and in advance of our own gallery opening on the 28th of May of 2014.
The proceeds of the sales will be put towards materials and supplies for the studio and for the next squadron of battleships.

Saturday September 22nd 2014
426 years after the wrecks of three ships of the Levant on the shores of North Sligo on a black and stormy night in September, broken from their anchorage in the lee of Innishmurray Island.

Innishmurray is the mythological stronghold of the'Chrom Dubh' the Dark Lord and it must have seemed to the doomed sailors and soldiers that God had forsaken them and they were in the grip of complete darkness.

The battle damaged and hopelessly beleaguered crews of the three ships could only hope to die swiftly than be washed up on that jagged coastline.

One survivor El Capitan Francisco De Cuellar tells his tale of shipwreck and survival in Ireland's North West.

Our own dark fleet of Ghostships has grown here at the Armada Gallery, find us on facebook at

with an additional 4 ships La Juliana II la Santa Maria de Vision and the imposing warship La Trinidad Valencera 1100 tons and 42 guns this majestic Galleon sank in Kinnagoe bay in North Donegal in 1588.

Three smaller Fireships have been sent into the fray ablaze and with double shotted cannons and a kamikaze pilot at the helm and so the fleet to date now consists of ten ships, smoke fired ceramic hulls and copper patinated sails aloft.