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Finding Ancient Ireland

When you eventually get to Sligo the town seems slightly unprepared for your arrival, hit hard by the most recent recession showing small signs of recovery and weariness it stumbles forward into the new millenium dragging behind it many many centuries of ancient history. Since the establishment of the town back in the mists of time it has been sacked, looted, besieged and burnt to the ground more than fifty times, beneath the pavements and buried in the hills are signs of it's volatile past.

Hillforts fairy circles and crumbling medieval castles dot the landscape, every bridge and stony river bed every woodland, beach and valley has a story of epic proportions, Hero's God's and Goddesses saturate the landscape, 'IF ' you know where to look and that is a big IF, only with a great guide can you hope to discover that part of yourself within this ancient timeline. It is fine too sit in a bus being fed dates and names visiting the graves of ancient poets but to truly walk in the footsteps of ancient mythological heroes to follow their path you must first create your own.

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               Time Travel

When you enter the simple wooden door of the Armada Gallery you would be forgiven for thinking you had accidentally stepped back in time or walked into a miniature museum. With only the haunting melody of medieval music and a grinning skull to curate the ancient collection,


     Treasures of the Armada Gallery

behind a partition door hinged to what can only be described as a ships mast the resident Artist Philip Brett works on his latest creation. Rigging out a magnificent smoke blackened Spanish Galleon, he will happily share his process with visitors explaining the inspiration for and the work involved in bringing the ancient history of his home County to life.

  The Artist at work on a Spanish Galleon

If you have never been to Co. Sligo it is no surprise especially to a native of the area, Sligo is Ireland's best kept secret, much maligned and cut off from the world by it's own geography, the main arterial roads from North, South and the East seem to narrow into winding pathways making the journey a tentative one.

Nine times out of ten the journey for me is beset with difficulties mainly weather related, storms, squalls torrential rain or on the odd occasion where an Arctic hiccup causes the entire country to freeze solid.

             A Frozen Wilderness

Next week: Finding The Wild North West. 

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Hidden Treasures

Captains blog; star date 10/01/2018

After weathering the increasingly frequent storms of 2017 The Armada Gallery has set its course for the New Year with an overhaul of the studio upstairs and downstairs. The work space below decks was becoming cramped and cluttered with less than adequate lighting and so it was time to make better use of the upstairs storage space.

The plan is to continue the theme throughout with a larger captains quarters and working gun ports complete with rolling guns. The space will double as a props and model making department for more fun theater productions in the Spring time.

  Re-fitting the Gallery after a busy year 

Located on the Surf Coast route of the Wild Atlantic Way overlooking Drumcliff Bay and nestled under Benbulben mountain The Armada Gallery is a uniquely quaint Art Gallery of a very different kind. Inside a renovated 17th century Farmyard in the heart of Yeat's Country you would be amazed that there is anything behind the simple wooden door in the cold stone and brickwork facade, no windows in the ground floor reveal the world within.

 Artworks and Artifacts

Steeling your nerves you enter and as your eyes adjust to the gloom a shaft of light from a grating in the ceiling sheds light on the interior, Artwork and Artifacts occupy every nook, models of Spanish Galleon Ghost ships stand on plinths muskets and broadswords adorn the walls, ancient maps and scrolls heaped with gold coins spread out on a desk with ornate furniture. Next to a bookshelf stacked with dusty leather bound books sits The Captain of this unlikely venture preparing the battle orders for this years campaign, charting a course through the treacherous waters of the Wild Atlantic Way.

Roll out the guns

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